Sodankylä is a small village in Lapland. Reindeer herding is popular in the area and the village is well known for its delicious reindeer foods and souvenir – embrace yourself and have a taste of calf liver or reindeer tongue!

The nature in Sodankylä is beautiful and offers various activities outdoors. Why not try fatbiking, hop onto a snowmobile or go on a guided husky safari? Fishing, hiking and skiing are recommendable activities when looking for peace and quietness in the nature. In the nearby fell (Luostotunturi) you can go snowboarding or downhill skiing.

The Amethyst Spa is a must-visit place and the amethysts are said to even have healing powers. The amethyst mine is Europe´s only active year-round mine, it´s certainly a place worth a visit. Gold panning is also a nice activity during summertime; are you lucky and find a real gold nugget? Geocaching and frisbee golf are good ways to challenge yourself in the beautiful views of Sodankylä.

The accommodation options in Sodankylä are various. In southern Sodankylä, Luosto, you can spend your night in a glass cabin, or maybe you want to stay the night in a hotel room in Hotel Sodankylä or Hotel Bear Inn. You have can rent your own cabin or try different B&B or Airbnb rentals.

Since its located in Lapland, the sun doesn´t go down in summertime and this is a great experience for visitors, who usually haven´t seen this kind of phenomenon before. The best time to experience this is in June and first half of July. During that period of time, the sun doesn´t drop below the horizon, so the nights are as bright as daytime.

Getting to Sodankylä is easy. The nearest airports are in Kittilä, Rovaniemi and Ivalo and arriving with train or car is made simple too. The nearest train stations are in Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi.

More info and reservations https://www.visitsodankyla.fi/en/

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