Saariselkä is Europe´s northernmost outdoor resort, located 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. It is easily reached by air through Ivalo airport or by car by driving the main road E75. Its most attractive sight is definitely Urho Kekkonen National Park, which is worth seeing any time of the year; in the winter you can hike under the northern lights and during the summer admire the midnight sun. There are routes for every visitor, depending on your strength and desires.

Saariselkä has other attractions as well; for example, Kaunispää fell, Aurora Hut and Prospector´s Mine, which is an old gold mine. The range of activities is wide, you may try snowshoeing, snowmobiling, mountain biking, paddling, fishing, aurora hunting, skiing or if looking for more excitement, tobogganing. Reindeer and husky safaris are a nice way to admire both the view and the animals; these are definitely worth trying.

You may choose from various options of accommodation: there are several hotels and one of them even has a relaxing spa. Besides hotels, you can spend your holiday in a cosy cabin, luxurious holiday apartment or even in an igloo hotel. In igloo hotel you might even get to admire the northern lights, right over your own warm bed!

The restaurants in the area respect the traditional tastes of Lappish cuisine. The reindeer meat is commonly used and the meat comes from local reindeer herders. Fish comes from pure waters of the Inari region and the nearby Arctic Ocean, and game is hunted from the local forests. The northern berries, mushroom and herbs are locally picked. The wide range of restaurants and high standards offer something for every taste!

More info https://www.inarisaariselka.fi/en/
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