Ranua, the arctic cloudberry village in Northern Lapland, is known for the beautiful nature and its golden delicacy, cloudberries. Ranua is easily accessible from Rovaniemi (82 kilometres) and from Oulu (113 kilometres), and is definitely worth a visit. The beautiful landscape, large peatland and forest areas and glimmering lakes make Ranua one of the most fascinating and peaceful places in Lapland.

Ranua is a quite small town, so you don´t need to worry about overcrowding or rush; this is a perfect place for a peaceful vacation and relaxing. The accommodation options in Ranua are various: you can sleep in a comfy hotel bed in Hotel Ilveslinna, rent a cabin or villa to have more privacy or even pamper yourself in a luxurious igloo, traditional barn or Japanese-style bed. Besides these, there are many private rent villas and cabins, which you can find from Booking.com.

When visiting Ranua, you should definitely explore the clean nature and maybe even try foraging. Ranua Zoo is certainly a must-visit place with children and there´s also a big playground in the area. If you’re able to schedule your visit around August, you should visit the yearly Ranua Cloudberry Festival where the local sellers introduce and sell their handicraft and products made of cloudberries. The area has many hiking and boating routes and the nature is perfect for fishing and hunting; obviously you need to have the relevant licenses to do these.

Since it’s located in Lapland the sun won´t go down in summertime, it is a great experience for visitors, who usually haven´t seen this kind of phenomenon before. The best time to experience this is in the end of June, around Midsummer when Finnish people celebrate light and summer with different traditions. Sauna is a significant part of Finnish culture and most of the accommodations offer a chance to sauna in Lappish environment.

More info and reservations https://visitranua.fi/en/
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